iOS Tutorials

After working on Android on a daily basis for almost 1 year, I started out my journey on iOS to discover the other major half of the mobile world. I followed a few different resources to help me understand different things on iOS dev, mainly Objective-C and the Xcode IDE. This blog post will include a list of tutorials I used and highlight what they are good for. This is to keep a note to myself of useful resources, and at the same time, I hope it will be useful to others too! 🙂

  • Official getting started guide
  • About Objective-C method and function
  • An Overview of Objective-C
    • Website:
    • Remarks: Good overview of Objective-C. Also explains well on memory management. Objects creation can be confusing when you’re new to Objective-C. I saw 2 ways of making objects: “NSString* string1 = [NSString string];” and “NSString* string2 = [[NSString alloc] init];”. This guide will help you demystify it and learn more about memory management in Objective-C.

Some other guides I found but yet to finish:

That’s it for now, more to be added to this list as I study! bye!