Today I learned about a pretty cool feature about rails.

We can write #TODO, #OPTIMIZE and #FIXME as a comment in Rails code, then when we type rake notes in the project directory, we can see a list of file with line numbers indicating all the places we have the 3 tags.
An example output of rake notes:

        * [  14] need refactoring
        * [  50] obsolete, to be deleted
        * [  96] can still be optimized

If 3 tags is not enough, we can also have our on tags, let’s say we want to have a #TO_BE_DELETED tag, just do the following in the code:

      line 63: # TO_BE_DELETED The Code Below Are Obsolete

Then do: rake notes:custom ANNOTATION=TO_BE_DELETED


        * [ 63] The Code Below Are Obsolete