Surviving the Saas Course

I find the course pretty interesting as the homework is challenging for me but not too difficult to the point that is unmanageable. The course provide an auto grader where we can submit and re-submit our assignment making appropriate corrections. It is like solving a puzzle game.

The second homework is about adding some enhancement to a movie review website called Rotten Potatoes using Rails. Initially the site is like this:

Enhancement we need to make include making “Movie Title” and “Release Date” sortable by clicking, and the column background must be highlighted when sorted. Then we need to add in a filter on top of the page to let the user filter the movies by the ratings. After that, we need to add in session to remember the previous sorting method and ratings filter. Lastly, the homework wants us to restore those session in a RESTful manner, so that the user can bookmark the URL and go back in the future with the same settings.

After wasting off my weekend battling with the homework, I finally got it working:

Some of the things that I’ve picked up doing this homework include:

  • Writing in haml
  • Using the form_tag and receiving them from params[] from FormHelper:
  • Querying interface in ActiveRecord
  • How to route in routes.rb
  • How to use session
  • How to redirect using redirect_to and construct a URL using url_for from a session

Most importantly, it makes me code in RoR, so I can learn by doing.


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