My first experience with Rails

After picking up the basics on Ruby, I begin my journey on learning Rails. There’re many tutorials out there, but I decided to follow this: since it is easy to follow and the chapters are arranged to be followed top down till the end. The style of writing and teaching suits me pretty well.

This is a quote from the introduction page on the site:

The Ruby on Rails Tutorial helps you learn Rails by example through the development of a substantial sample application, including a site layout, a user data model, a full registration and authentication system, user-micropost associations, social “following”, and a feed of status updates.

So, if I manage to folllow through the entire tutorial, I should be able to come out with a web app that can let user do posting, sign-in and out with a decent front end look.

This ebook tutorial has 11 chapters in total, and I just finished the first 2 chapters and I already have this: A simple web app that is deployed and running! The steps taken to do this is pretty simple, it goes like this:

  1. Create a rails project
  2. Prepare the Gemfile and install the Gems
  3. Setup a Github backup (optional)
  4. Generate resources using scaffold generate
  5. Migrate database using Rake
  6. Deploy to heroku

Chapter 2 basically gives a bird eye view on a rails application, and an introduction to the MVC pattern used. However, many of the details are not discussed in depth yet, but well, I got a taste of a running web app in Rails already. 🙂



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